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Post by Hugo Carrasquillo on Sat Jul 29, 2017 12:47 am

Main concept:
The main concept is a group of hispanic kids and teenagers who goes through the everyday struggle of living in a poor neighborhood, together they help one another.
The main traits we're looking for when reciting are creativity and character development skills. You are more than welcome to roleplay as a fiend, whore or any civilian and as long as you bring quality roleplay to the table you are going to have a spot in our faction but, in order to join the main movement your character must be a kid / teenager aged between 8-16.

Common misconceptions when roleplaying a kid / teenager:


The faction evolves in a gang infested area which means we'd probably interact with gangsters on a daily basis, you are expected to roleplay fear accordingly including but not limited to fear of death, fear of older individuals, fear of getting prisoned and the list just goes on.


A 10 years old kid driving a car is a /big/ no, get a BMX. When you do reach an age where you'd be able to drive a vehicle I dont want to see anyone coming with a brand new car saying "My mother/uncle/father/grandmother gave it to me" unless you have a good reason for it. There's no reason your family members will give you their cars just like that, they'd sell it instead start off with something small when you get the funds for it ICly and slowly improve it as you develop.


Yes, being a kid means you are at disadvantage against anyone who's several years older than you and you are expected to roleplay accordingly.
For examaple you're a young teenager and somehow you get into a fight with a 19 years old man. Now obviously given how SAMP is created - you can easily win a script fight with him but, you must roleplay to your disadvantages so you either avoid these fights or get beaten up.
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